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Leadership Laguna Madre Alumni

Past Participants
Class I1996-97
Class II1997-98
Class III1998-99
Class IV1999-00
Class V2000-01
Class VI2001-02
Class VII2002-03
Class VIII2003-04
Class IX2004-05
Class X2005-06
Class XI2006-07
Class XII2007-08
Class XIV2009-10
Class XV2010-11
Class XVII2012-13
Class XVIII2013-14

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Leadership Laguna Madre


CLASS I Graduates (1996 Ė 1997)
Ahadi, DeeOnda Dynamic DeeOnda
DeCeault, Pam Peppy Pam
Ferrier, Marie Moviní Marie
Franke, Kevin Kickiní Kevin
Friedman, Scott Hot Scott
Fultner, David Dangerous David
Gaudi, Laurie Lucky Laurie
Helms, David Dandy David
Houston, Susie Styliní Susie
Lopez, Nick Slick Nick
Loya, Sergio Letís Go Sergio
Mathews, Jennifer Jovial Jennifer
Rivera, Margaret Mighty Margaret
Tenison, Kevin Crazy Kevin
Tinajero, Sal Smiliní Sal
White, Jaqui Jubilant Jaqui





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