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  • Member Awards

  • Directors' Award 
    Mickey Furcron

    Mickey Furcron received the 2019 Director's Award. Our honoree has been on South Padre Island as a resident and businessman for 29 years! He served as a Chamber Board member in the early 1990's until 1995 when he was elected as a Point Isabel Independent School District Trustee, where he served until last year.


  • Kukui Award
    Jeri Garrett

    This year our Kukui Award goes to well-known South Padre Island business owner whose business has been a member of our Chamber since 1994.  Jeri Garrett volunteered this past year to serve on our Ladies Kingfish Tournament Planning Committee and she made an immediate impact.  Her creative ideas, astute observations, familiarity with fishing and expert business experience brought fresh and beneficial changes to our 37th Annual Ladies Kingfish Tournament. 

  • Ambassadors’ Award 
    Elaine English

    This year’s Ambassador’s Award recipient is an extraordinary community volunteer. She always has a smile, is interested in what you have to say and shares her enthusiasm for life. Elaine English serves as an Island Ambassador, is on the Education Committee, and is a volunteer for Vegas at the Beach.


  • Community Partner Award
    Padre Island Brewing Company

    This year we honor and recognize Padre Island Brewing Company for everything they do for our Chamber including their longtime membership, a venue for Coffee and Conversations and dedicated sponsorship of our Ladies Kingfish Tournament. Mark Haggenmiller is always quick to volunteer and the Brew Pub’s name can be seen listed as a sponsor for many community events.  Opening in 1995, Padre Island Brewing is an island icon as the Island’s first and only micro brewery, and is the 2nd oldest brew pub in Texas.



  • Outstanding New Business Member Award
    Porky's Pit

    The Leadership Awards Committee decided this year our Chamber has the chance to recognize NEW business members who fully embrace and utilize the many opportunities our Chamber provides. By being fully engaged Porky's Pit has become widely recognized and successful. They joined our Chamber about 1 year ago and have attended Chamber luncheons, participated in Member Showcase events, sponsored Vegas At the Beach, advertised in our annual Coupon book, attended Coffee and Conversations, and the list goes on!  All of that PLUS with the owners’ extra-ordinary enthusiasm and zest for life they are very simply fun to be around!



  • RGV Walk of Fame
    Doyle Wells

    Each year nominations are received from chambers of commerce and cities across the Rio Grande Valley for recognition in the Rio Grande Valley Walk of Fame at State Farm Arena, sponsored by the City of Hidalgo in conjunction with BorderFest.  Nominees are considered for induction based on their life achievements and significant civic contributions.

    The South Padre Island Chamber of Commerce nominated longtime chamber member and Island business owner Doyle Wells to the RGV Walk of Fame for 2019.  Wells was selected for this great honor and was recognized at the official induction ceremonies on February 27, 2019 at State Farm Arena.

    Doyle Wells is living proof that a person can grow up in the Valley, earn an education, serve in the military and become a successful family man and business entrepreneur. YOU DON’T HAVE TO LEAVE THE VALLEY TO BE SUCCESSFUL!!  In 1930, his family left Indiana and headed as far south as they could travel and ended their journey in Port Isabel, Texas.  Doyle was born 16 years later in Brownsville and was raised in Port Isabel/South Padre. He graduated from Port Isabel High School in 1964. 

    As a young man Wells acquired a strong work ethic working aside his family in a bait, tackle and fishing business. He earned his Captain’s license in 1965 and chartered at the Sea Ranch Marina. He came from humble beginnings saying “we had nothing, but we had everything” speaking of his supportive family and the vast opportunities the Valley provided.

    After four years in the U.S. Coast Guard, in 1970, Wells went to work for Solomar Lodge as a Charter Captain and Hunting Guide. In 1971, he became Ranch Operations Manager for the Harry Cullen Family for their holdings on South Padre Island.

    As a lifelong resident of the lower Rio Grande Valley, Doyle Wells has a strong pride in his South Texas heritage and is quick to promote the abundance of opportunities the Valley has available. Wells has contributed significantly to the development of our area’s tourism industry. He continues today to promote recreational and tourism development, leading by example to deliver “the best experience and the best service”. 

    1982 was the start of Wells Farm and Ranch Supply in Los Fresnos, and at the same time Wells opened Wells Stables. Then, in 1989, he opened Island Equestrian Center on South Padre Island. After moving his stables several times over the years, in 2012 Wells settled at his current location at the north end of the Island and expanded his services which now include horseback riding on the beach, zip lines, petting barn and beach events and activities limited only by your imagination. Recently Wells opened a second bayside location on Padre Blvd. where he offers go-cart racing and miniature golf.

    In the 1970’s Wells served on the volunteer fire departments for both Port Isabel and South Padre Island. Also, for much of the 1980’s Wells was a Director for the Texas International Fishing Tournament.   He was a founding Director for the South Padre Island Chamber of Commerce in 1989 and served until 2000 when he was elected as an Alderman for the Town of South Padre Island, serving two terms through 2004. While Wells was Alderman he led a group of local business leaders on a cultural exchange to establish a Sister City relationship with Catamaco, Mexico. Additionally, Wells was actively involved with South Padre Island recovery efforts following the collapse of the Queen Isabella Causeway.

    Wells was appointed in 1999 by Cameron County Commissioners to serve on the Cameron County Beach and Dunes Commission and served until 2017. Commissioners also appointed him, in 2006, to serve on the Cameron County Zoning Commission and the Board of Adjustments, where he continues to serve today.  Wells was elected to the Laguna Madre Water District where he served 2015 to 2018.

    Doyle and his wife Delores are active supporters of The Friends of Animal Rescue on South Padre Island and are loving pet owners. Doyle has served on the Regional Board for Equine Therapy, and over the years, has rescued many horses from slaughter, caring for them and returning them to a health.

    Wells also served on the Board of Directors for Sea Turtle Inc. about 1996-2000 where he worked closely with Founder Ila Loetscher to promote sea turtle conservation.

    Doyle is the son of Junior Wells and Bobby Wells. He is married to his beautiful wife Dolores Ferrentino Wells, and he has three adult children Doyle Wells IV, Brennan Wells and Kelsey Garcia.

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  • Past Year's Award Recipients

    Director's Award

    To be eligible a Chamber Member must 1) Support in action and word of the Chamber’s mission statement, 2) Contributions to the success of the Chamber which exceeds normal expectations, 3) Presence and participation in Chamber events and activities, 4) Financial support of programs and activities organized by Chamber, 5) Community and charitable involvement, and 6) Proponent for business growth and development.

    2000 - Tom O’Connell
    2001 - Sharon Taylor
    2002 - Rick Legere
    2003 - Cynthia Sellers
    2004 - Dan Stanton
    2005 - Loraine Johnston
    2006 - Ginny Ossanna
    2007 - Liz Money
    2008 - David Clark
    2009 - Tom Hansen
    2010 - Alta Monroe
    2011 - JoAnn Evans
    2012 - Courtney Hayden
    2013 - Darrell Mangham
    2014 - Guy Blatnik
    2015 - Bob Friedman
    2016 - Diane O’Leary
    2017 - Jim Enholm
    2018 - Barry Patel
    Community Partner Award
    Awarded to a Chamber member business, that by action, makes significant contributions to support the mission of our Chamber, our program of work and our community.
    2010 - SPI Convention Centre
    2011 - Brownsville/SPI International Airport
    2012 - Sea Ranch Restaurant
    2013 - Toucan Graphics
    2014 - Point Isabel Independent School District
    2015 - Hilton Garden Inn
    2016 - Shallow Sport Boats
    2017 - Blue Marlin Supermarket
    2018 - Louie's Backyard
    Ambassadors' Award
    To be considered an individual must 1) Be a Chamber member in good standing, 2) By word and action promote the benefits of Chamber membership throughout our business community, 3) Possess a positive and energetic attitude, 4) Be a proponent for business growth and development, 5) Be successful in identifying and recruiting new Chamber members and assist in member retention and efforts, and 6) Frequently attend Chamber meetings and events.
    2009 - Candace Gray
    2010 - Bob Fudge
    2011 - Jim Harvill
    2012 - Bobby Vanzant
    2013 - Anne Weiss
    2014 - Victor Baldovinos
    2015 - Cristin Howard
    2016 - Judith Beat
    2017 - Lesa Labar
    2018 - Karla Scimeca
    Kukui Award
    Presented to an individual who leads by example and has provided support which has contributed to the success of the Chamber and our Business Community.
    2004 - Dianna L. Harvill
    2004 - Shelton Coleman
    2005 - Mary Ann Tous
    2006 - Russell Judah
    2007 - Liz Money
    2008 - Alita Bagley
    2009 - Bobby Vanzant
    2009 - Betty Vanzant
    2010 - Guy Blatnik
    2011 - Tim O'Leary
    2012 - Alma McLeroy
    2013 - Sue Singer
    2014 - Javier CH Garza
    2014 - Joy Hartung
    2015 - Jody Hughes
    2016 - Chad Hart
    2016 - Karla Scimeca
    2017 - Charles Rogan
    2017 - Victor Barrera
    2018 - Mark Haggenmiller
    Rio Grande Valley Walk of Fame

    Each year nominations are received from chambers of commerce and cities across the Rio Grande Valley for recognition in the Rio Grande Valley Walk of Fame at State Farm Arena, sponsored by the City of Hidalgo in conjunction with BorderFest.  Nominees are considered for induction based on their life achievements and significant civic contributions. 

    2005 - Troy Giles
    2006 - Richard Franke, Jr.
    2007 - Robert N. Pinkerton, Jr.
    2008 - Jake Falgout
    2009 - Darrell Mangham
    2010 - Dan Stanton
    2011 - David Friedman
    2012 - Lynne Tate
    2013 - Bill Donahue
    2014 - Gary Meschi
    2015 - JoAnn Evans
    2016 - Mickey Furcron
    2017 - Jimmy Parker
    2018 - Barry Patel
    Outstanding New Business Member

    In 2019 the Leadership Awards Committee added a new award to recognize NEW business members who fully embrace and utilize the many opportunities our Chamber provides to its members.