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What is Leadership Laguna Madre?

Leadership Laguna Madre exists to identify, educate and motivate emerging leaders to improve the Laguna Madre area through personal and collective commitment.

Using a 9 month curriculum, the program will teach participants about major community issues and ways to find solutions to existing problems. During the course of the program, participants will make important contacts with other community leaders in areas such as government, industry, education, health and commerce.

Leadership Laguna Madre is:

  • A fun way to learn more about the Laguna Madre area in 9 months than most people learn in a lifetime.
  • A tool for making long-lasting contact with current and future leaders of our community and lifelong friends.
  • A fun lesson in leadership. Problem solving, brainstorming, consensus building and communication are topics covered in the course.
  • Leadership Laguna Madre is a stepping stone to becoming a true community leader.
  • An exciting way for new residents to learn more about the community and how to become involved.

Laguna Madre TowerHow does the program work? 

Participants' two primary commitments to Leadership Laguna Madre are a $75 registration fee and the willingness to commit one day a month (two days in September and October) for nine months to the program. There is an attendance and community service requirement.

During these class days, program participants will attend lectures, make on-site visits to area attractions and engage in discussions about all facets of our community.

Class topics include tourism and transportation, education, government, international issues, community services, health care services, emergency preparedness and media and commercial fishing.

How do I get involved? 

Requirements for participation in Leadership Laguna Madre are simple. Applicants must be 18 years of age or older and must be residents of the Laguna Madre area.

Class members for each nine month course will be chosen from applications based on a variety of criteria. Each class will be composed of a cross-section of our area population, but all must have one thing in common - the sincere desire to improve our community.

Participants can nominate themselves or be nominated by people who recognize them as potential leaders of the community.

Individuals who are accepted into the course must pay $75 of the total $450 registration fee. The remainder of the fee may be paid by a sponsor.

Application for Leadership Laguna Madre

The $75 registration fee must be paid by the applicant and submitted with the application. Applicants not selected for participation in Class XIX will be refunded their registration fee. The $375 balance will be due and payable when the applicant receives notification they have been selected to participate in Class XIX and prior to participation in the retreat. A limited number of scholarships are available.


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Return original (copies/faxes will not be accepted) application to:
Leadership Laguna Madre
South Padre Island Chamber of Commerce 
610 Padre Blvd. South Padre Island, Texas 78597