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5 Star Club


Food Safety is more important than ever! News Headlines tell the story everyday. Public concern about food safety has never been greater. Each highly publicized incident of food borne illness deals a blow to the public’s confidence in the industry.

The South Padre Island Chamber of Commerce is proud of its membership and created the 5 Star Club to showcase Chamber Member Restaurants, and other Chamber Members that serve food to the public, who score a 90 or above on the City’s Environmental Health Services Department Inspection Report Card.

The City of South Padre Island Environmental Health Services Department conducts unannounced inspections on businesses serving food to the public to ensure they are following safe food handling procedures. Local laws regulate specific items the inspectors look for, but, in general, inspectors check that safeguards are in place to protect food from contamination by food handlers, cross-contamination and contamination from other sources in the restaurant.

Inspectors check for compliance in food handling, food temperature, personal hygiene and vermin control. Each violation of a regulation results in points deducted and at the end of the inspection, the inspector calculates the score.

Congratulations to our Members included in the 2022 5-Star Club!

The following Chamber Members inspection scores were received on the date indicated:

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